our roots

Flowers have always been my thing for as long as I can remember, whether it be picking them as a child, drawing them them or embroidering daises onto some old faded dungarees …hence the name - but more of that later.

I started my horticultural foray over 20 years ago studying horticulture and then garden design, I have worked as a gardener, for the outstanding Architectural Plants nursery, and more recently as a garden designer. I have loved all of those jobs but have found now that flower farming and floristry brings all the elements I love of those jobs into one package

  • Growing flowers - love it

  • Maintaining flowers - love that too

  • Being creative with flowers - really love that

So I love flowers, but I also love the countryside and wildlife around me, so by growing my own flowers I can grow without using chemicals, I can grow with minimal impact on the soil, I can grow to support the ecosystem around me.

So if you choose to buy our flowers, not only will you have local, beautiful, seasonal, British flowers in your home, you will have made a positive impact on the environment.

I chose the name Green Daisy for my green credentials and for the perfection of the daisy flower if you are a bee!