3rd July 2019

The last 4 months have been so full! Sowing seeds, planting out and at last harvesting a crop of flowers.

The poly-tunnel Sweet peas have been amazing - such long stems, mostly grandiflora varieties and so next year I’ll add some Spencers to the mix.

Most of the February sown annuals are flowering now; Cornflowers, Larkspur, Ammi, Calendula, Nigella, Dill, Bupleurum, Cerinthe… I think there are more. There are also Snapdragons, sweet Williams and Wild carrot flowering.

The tender annuals and dahlias are planted out and the first buds are appearing on the dahlias. There are Chrysanthemums and Asters in the poly-tunnel along with some Acidanthera – heavenly scent.

So the time has come to start selling, so this week is all about preparing for the first Green Daisy market stall at Whitchurch makers market on July 6th. We’ll be there on the first Saturday of the month after that and we start soon at the Market Drayton Wednesday market.

So I must go water, weed, deadhead, pick and enjoy!

Karen Hubbard