Where it all began

I think it all began with my daughters wedding, when I was tasked with doing the flowers.

Not too challenging as a gardener and garden designer but I didn’t expect the thrill!

I so enjoyed handling the flowers and arranging them – albeit in simple jam jar posies. The flowers (to my shame) were ordered from an online wholesaler as I wasn’t aware back them of the emergence and importance of British grown flowers. Since then I have become much more aware of this market and am so excited to now be part of it.

My job until now has been as a gardener and garden designer, but a move precipitated by my husband’s job has landed me in the beautiful county of Shropshire with a rather large garden – heaven! A garden furthermore that I can start - on a small scale - my very own flower farm and artisan floristry business.

And now the story really begins…

Karen Hubbard